Connors Blog Has A Filthy Name and He Swears A Lot

No, this isn't a Justin Bieber related blog.

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I love sports

I love sports because I’m connected to thousands of other people who have no control over what’s about to happen but are pouring all of their emotions stupidly into them.

Because in one day, one game, one moment I can feel elated, terrified, nervous, and depressed and move through these emotions quickly and smoothly.

Sports keep me grounded, they taught me that sometimes things don’t work out even though they should. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose but you can’t get hung up on either.

I love sports because of nights like tonight where I watched a city that hadn’t watched a good baseball team in 29 years explode as their team, their guys won one of the most incredibly exciting games of baseball I’ve ever watched.

I love watching ordinary men do extraordinary things.

I love sports.

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if you are ever feeling stressed or worried about life just text me or call me I will tell you about food I recently ate and we will think about that instead